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Welcome Dr. Richer, Dr. Gojmerac and Dr. Haghiri

We are delighted to announce the appointment of 3 new Faculty members to our Department of Psychiatry. Drs. Amanda Richer, Marie Gojmerac and Behnia Haghiri have joined our Division of Adult Psychiatry where they will be providing clinical care and developing their academic activities across various settings.

Dr. Richer will be providing care at HDH as well as supporting Collaborative Care in Kingston and Napanee. Dr. Gojmerac will be providing care primarily at AMHS-KFLA. Dr. Haghiri will be providing care at HDH and supporting the Student Wellness Centre. 

I trust you will provide a warm welcome to Amanda and Marie, and a warm welcome back to Behnia!

Claudio N Soares MD, PhD, FRCPC, MBA
Professor and Head,
Department of Psychiatry
Queen's University School of Medicine