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Mission, Vision, and Strategic Planning


1.   To be a place where faculty, staff and trainees want to come, stay & grow by:

  • Leveraging our individual strengths, our collective talents
  • Focusing on wellness, career development

To provide exceptional, evidence-based clinical services by:

  • Aligning, optimizing resources (human capital, operational) across various clinical areas
  • Resolving critical patient flow issues
  • Dramatically reducing wait times

3.   To consolidate our excellence in strategic areas of research

4.   To exert greater influence and leadership across academic organizations and community

5.   To embed effective, meaningful metrics in all things we do - clinical, educational, research


We aspire to be a transformative force in mental health, revolutionizing the way mental wellness is promoted; mental illnesses are understood, prevented and treated across the lifespan. 

Strategic Planning

Continue to evolve towards a person and family-centered community-based shared service delivery model, while enhancing our education and research capabilities, through:

  • Ensuring a successful transition to CBME
  • Progressing the development of a community-based shared-care program, including collaborative and shared care, with solutions to access and flow problems, more effective lines of communication to community organizations, and increase GP comfort levels with managing stable cases
  • More effectively monitoring the patient's journey through the system, satisfaction levels, reducing chronic and acute waiting lists
  • Finalizing and implementing the partnership and practice plan
  • Participating effectively in the LHIN redesign
  • Ensuring an effective leadership succession within the Department

Queen's Department of Psychiatry is nationally respected as a model of high quality collaborative, person and family-centered mental health care services, education and research:

  • With our community partners, we provide outstanding, integrated mental health care services for people with mental disorders in South Eastern Ontario, across their life span
  • We are known by students and educators to provide an exemplary competency-based, clinical education
  • We are innovative, having a strong, collaborative clinical research program, with areas that earn international acclaim
  • We work in a collegial, collaborative manner across Divisions and Services to achieve our goals and provide career opportunities
  • We are a partner and an advocate for the rights and improved quality of life for people with mental disorders
  • We are valued for our knowledge and leadership by the communities we serve, Queen's, and our service delivery partners