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New Regional Psychiatry Lead, Corrections Canada - Dr. A. Bickle

I am pleased to announce Dr. Bickle has been appointed to the role of Ontario Regional Psychiatry Lead, Corrections Canada, effective immediately. This is a critical role for CSC as he will continue the leadership and dedication Dr. Khalifa displayed improving outcomes for our patients and making our institutions safer. 

Many of you have worked with Dr. Bickle in the past and recognise his strength and skill as a psychiatrist. He demonstrates medical expertise and compassion in the delivery of care. He has been flexible and available to our clinical teams, working closely to develop effective outcomes. His roles within Queen’s psychiatry, Providence Care and Kingston Health Sciences Centre add significant value to CSC and increase our collaboration with our community partners. Secondary to his well-deserved recognition as a highly skilled and respected psychiatrist ,I am confident he will further support our region and continue to advance our service delivery.

Welcome Dr. Bickle!

BeLinda Roscoe A/Regional Director Health Services Ontario