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Developmental Disabilities Consulting Program (DDCP)


Tel: 343-477-0285 | Fax: 613-548-0404| Email:

DDCP is a specialized, interprofessional service and teaching program concerned with the complex health and mental health needs of children and adults with developmental disabilities and autism spectrum disorder (ASD).


The program offers individuals and their care providers a range of services including:

  • Interprofessional Collaborative Client Centered Care
  • Clinical Consultation Assessment and Intervention Services
  • Advocacy and Training for caregivers and agencies 
  • Multidisciplinary research and clinical teaching

DDCP receives referrals for children and adults with developmental disabilities and/or individuals with autism spectrum disorders in Southeastern Ontario.  Referrals are reviewed by the team to assess the presenting need and coordinate the relevant team members as required.

DDCP’s interprofessional team includes disciplines that are essential to the management of comprehensive healthcare for persons with developmental disabilities and their families.

Identification and management of “dual diagnosis” patients  (people with a developmental disability, autism spectrum disorder and co-morbid mental health problems)~ OHIP covered (no fees)

Psychological consultation, diagnostic assessment, school liaison, behavior management and psychotherapy (fee-for-service only)

Promoting independence in self-care, leisure and skill development and family/caregiver education, sensory processing assessment/consultation, counselling, vocational development, staff teaching and training (fee-for-service only)


The DDCP clinical service is available to children and adults diagnosed with a developmental disability and ASD residing in the six counties served by the Southeastern Local Health Integration Network (SE-LHIN):

  • Hastings & Prince Edward, Frontenac,
  • Lennox & Addington, Lanark,
  • Leeds & Grenville. 

*Included in this population are individuals with autism spectrum disorder who may not necessarily have an intellectual disability, but have physical, social, and/or mental health concerns.


Our program receives referrals from caregivers and physicians in the identified region who provide care to persons with developmental disabilities.  Collaborations with DDCP may involve consultation, assessment, intervention and follow up services.

Physicians who wish to obtain consulting services from DDCP can refer by fax to 613-548-0404.

To access psychiatry services, you MUST have a physician's or nurse practitioner's referral.

Step 1: Download and complete the DDCP_REFFRAL FORM 2021
**Please ensure all information is filled out and accurate to ensure access to services in a timely manner.

Step 2: Fax the referral to: 613-548-0404 OR drop-off at 55 Rideau Street, Unit 2, Kingston, Ontario, K7K 2Z8 (attn: DDCP)

Privacy Policy

PROTECTING PERSONAL HEALTH INFORMATION - Developmental Disabilities Consulting Program (DDCP) is committed to protecting your privacy and the confidential nature of the information you share. This statement outlines the personal health information practices we use to protect your privacy, and your rights under Ontario law, known as PHIPA (Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004). This statement applies to individuals accessing physical and mental health care services from a doctor, nurse, occupational therapist, personal counsellor, social worker, psychologist, psychotherapist, or psychiatrist at DDCP.

Consent to Use and Share your Information to Provide You with Health Care

In almost all cases, your consent is required to collect, use, and disclose your personal health information. Consent means you are knowledgeable and informed about the collection, use and disclosure of your personal health information.  Consent can be implied (assumed) or explicit (verbal or written).

Implied Consent

When you seek health care from us, we assume that we have your permission to collect, use and share your personal health information among the health care providers and administrative staff at DDCP who provide or assist in providing health care to you. The sharing of personal health information among the DDCP team streamlines and enhances the care provided to you (e.g. a doctor may ask a nurse to call you with lab results; a counsellor may consult a manager etc.)

We also rely on implied consent to share your personal health information on a ‘need-to-know’ basis with other health care providers outside of DDCP who are directly involved in your health care (e.g. fax a prescription to your pharmacist, or send a referral to a specialist).

We also rely on implied consent to share personal health information with health insurance providers (e.g. OHIP) for billing-related purposes.

Express Consent

In most cases, your verbal or written consent is required to disclose personal health information from or with anyone who is not directly involved in providing or assisting in providing health care services to you (e.g. a family member). See below.

Limits to Confidentiality and Requirement of Consent to Receive or Disclose Information

We must also meet legal requirements to disclose personal health information in specific circumstances without your consent (i.e. situations where you are thought to be at risk of harm to yourself or others; a request from a legal authority; in cases of suspected child abuse, elder abuse in a long-term care facility, and sexual abuse by a Regulated Health Care Professional; in cases when a medical condition significantly impairs your ability to operate a motor vehicle).

Withdrawing or Restricting Consent (“Lockbox”) to Access to Personal Health Information

You have the right to withdraw or restrict partial or complete access (other than to those with legal authority under PHIPA) to the personal health information within our health record. If you have concerns related to your privacy or the confidentiality of your information, please speak to your health care provider and we will work with you to address those concerns. Written instructions from you are required to restrict access to your file. Requesting a lockbox may result in implications for your health care, and possible risks will be reviewed with you individually should you request a lockbox from DDCP. To execute a lockbox, please forward written instructions with signature to our office via mail or email at

Security and Protection of your Information

We will take reasonable steps to keep accurate records of your health information and will follow all legal requirements and Queen’s security standards and best practice for the security, retention and destruction of these records. All medical records are kept for a period of time determined by the medical licensing authority or other professional oversight body.

All healthcare professionals and administrative staff at DDCP work under PHIPA and adhere to the privacy and security policies of DDCP. If you become aware of any inappropriate use of your personal health information or a breach of confidentiality, please inform us immediately. Under PHIPA, you may also file a written complaint to Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commissioner.

Access to your Health Record

Unless there are unusual circumstances, you have the right to review and/or obtain copies of your health record. If access or copies are provided, our clinic may charge a reasonable fee to cover our expenses.

Changes to your Health Record

You can request a change to the information in your health record if you think that there is an error or an omission in the record. The health care practitioner will consider your request and either grant or refuse it based on their review. We will place a notation on your health record that you requested the amendment, along with the details of the decision made.

Third Party Consent

If there are individuals in your life whom you wish to have involved in your health care while receiving services, we will ask you to sign a DDCP Consent regarding Personal Health Information form for each person. Please note you can choose what type of personal health information you want us to receive or disclose and you can withdraw consent at any time.

Contact us

Developmental Disabilities Consulting Program
55 Rideau Street, Unit 2, 

Kingston, ON

K7K 2Z8
Tel: 343-477-0285