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Dr. Stephen McNevin BSc, MD, FRCPC
Dr.  Stephen  McNevin
Assistant Professor
Contact Info
Cote-Sharp Student Wellness Services, 69 Union St., Mitchell Hall Queens University, Kingston ON K7L 3N6

Dr. McNevin is the founding Director of the recently formed Division of Student Mental Health. The academic Division was created on the recommendations of the Principal's Advisory Committee on Student Mental Health. The Division's mandate is to serve as a centre of excellence in the provision of innovative care and research for postsecondary students in the region and beyond.

The Division is housed at the recently built Cote-Sharp Student Wellness Services where Dr. McNevin also serves as the Director of the Division of Psychiatry. Student Wellness Services (SWS) is a multidisciplinary collaborative care group. Located at the centre of the Queens University Campus virtually every student at Queens will have either direct or indirect contact with some of the programs available at the service during their time at University. The Division of Psychiatry has long provided a site for training and research for Residents in Family Medicine and Psychiatry. It is a setting, which allows senior Psychiatry Residents to work with independence in a collaborative environment. The Service offers Residents the chance to develop expertise in the Shared Care/Integrated Care Model as well as the opportunity to provide ongoing care for a select group of the most challenged patients.

Dr. McNevin offers a unique training experience for Senior Psychiatry Residents at the QHELP 2.1 clinic- the Queens Health Education Learners [health] Program. Still in its pilot stage, it offers an opportunity for residents to give back to their colleagues by offering a specialized after hours clinic dedicated to providing collaborative mental health care to health education students in medicine, nursing, occupational and physiotherapy particularly for those in the clinical years.

SWS is also the home-base for the research arm of the Division- U Flourish. U Flourish is a multidisciplinary research group with important partnerships across the worldwide University sector including students both here and elsewhere. U Flourish has an ongoing collaborative research program with Oxford University in the United Kingdom. Our signature project looks at the factors that contribute to students success at University using a longitudinal study that follows the progress of a large number of first year students through their University careers at Queens and Oxford.

For many years, Doctor McNevin was also the psychiatrist attached to the Personality Disorder Service at Providence Care Hospital (Chrysalis Program). While he has formally moved on to focus on creating the new Division of Student Mental Health, he maintains close ties with that organization and continues to assist them in some of their teaching and community outreach.

Doctor McNevin also provides electroconvulsive therapy at the Providence Care Hospital site.

Doctor McNevin completed a Life Sciences degree at Queen's University and went on to graduate from its Medical School. He completed his residency in psychiatry and a research fellowship at the University of Manitoba before going onto practice in inpatient psychiatry and community outreach as well as serving as a consultant psychiatrist to the Family Medicine training program at the Saint Boniface Hospital site of the University of Manitoba. He returned to Queens in 1988.