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Dr. Nasar Khan
Dr.  Nasar Khan
Associate Professor
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I am faculty at department of psychiatry, Division of Developmental Disabilities. I was raised and trained in Pakistan. I was working as Professor of Psychiatry and also President Pakistan Psychiatric Society before joining Queen's.

As Professor of psychiatry my main responsibilities are to integrate and maintain the interdisciplinary teams of Psychiatrist, Psychologist and Social workers and to achieve and maintain high standards of Clinical, Research and Teaching responsibilities.

My passion for teaching and training of behavioral Sciences to the undergraduate students of MBBS, BDS, M.Phil , MSc , Post graduate trainees and paramedical staff was there right from the beginning.

In terms of teaching and training including curriculum development, organizing and managing training, providing training, supervision at all levels from medical students to graduate and post graduate trainees both for clinical and research work.. I was involved in education of the Health Administrators, educationists, Civil Servants and Multi purpose Health Workers as a continuous education services extended by various non-governmental organization working in and around Lahore city.

I work as visiting faculty member at the University of the Punjab, Center for Psychology and as supervisor, trainer and tutor to the students of Advance Diploma in Clinical Psychology.


My research is in the following broad areas:

Developing Guidelines

• Anxiety Management guidelines for Family Physicians.
• Guidelines for Clinicians: Whom and When to give ECT
• Prescribing Guidelines for Pakistan on Major Depressive Disorders and other psychiatric disorders

Post traumatic disorder

• PTSD in in earthquake victims


• Treatment resistant Schizophrenia
• Co morbidities in Schizophrenia

Obsessive compulsive disorder

• Population based study of OCD
• OCD co morbidity with Schizophrenia

Conversion disorder

• Symptomology of conversion in Pakistan
• Anxiety and Depression in conversion Disorder
• Birth order

Development, translation and adaptation of instruments for study of bipolar disorders and quality of life

• Developing the SIBD i.e. SIMS Instrument for bipolar spectrum disorders .
• Translating the SIBD i.e. SIMS Instrument for bipolar spectrum disorders
• Translation of Quality of life scale in Urdu, WHO Qol Bref 12
• Research assistant in a study titled “Validation of General Health Questionnaire”(1995)

Childhood & Developmental Disorders

 • Autism and Developmental disorders in Pakistani community, their genetic profiling and also in the frequency and other epidemiological data.

Memberships and Associations 

• Member WPA section on education
• Secretary Pakistan WAPR
• Treasurer ANDB( Asian Network of Bipolar Disorder) and Member ISBD
• President (Elect) Pakistan Psychiatric Society 2015-17