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Dr. Felicia Iftene MD, PhD, FRCPC
Dr.  Felicia  Iftene
Associate Professor
Contact Info
752 King St. W., Kingston, ON K7L 4X3

A graduate of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Iuliu Haţieganu, Medical School, Cluj Napoca, Romania, EU (MD, 1984, PhD in 1997), Dr. Felicia Iftene joined the Queen’s faculty as an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry in 2008. Prior to coming to Queen’s, she held an academic position as a Full Professor at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Iuliu Haţieganu, Medical School, Cluj Napoca, Romania, EU; Head of the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry; Head of the Clinic Hospital of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry with Detox Department. She has a formal education in Adult Psychiatry, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Pediatric Neurology, Rational-Emotive Behavioral Therapy (Albert Ellis Institute NY, USA) and Management of Health Services.

Dr. Felicia Iftene is a respected clinician, researcher and educator. Her research interests have focused on therapy, depression and psychosis with a particular interest in improving the social function and quality of life in patients suffering for chronic mental conditions. She has supervised nine successful PhD theses so far. She has been involved with 23 Research Grants, including International Multicenter Projects. She published 7 books (author or editor), as well as chapters in 8 monographs or textbooks.  She has published 85 articles in peer review journals. She has participated, with presentations, in more than 100 national and international scientific events. Her contributions to research were recognized by the awarding of the Department of Psychiatry Faculty Excellence in Research Award in May 2014.  She has responsibilities related to both Undergrad and Postgrad Medical School programs. She is a member of the Center of Neurosciences and supervisor of Master theses and a member of thesis examination committees.

Dr. Iftene serves on numerous departmental, faculty, and hospital committees and is currently the President of the Medical Staff Association, Member of the Board of Directors and Member of the Medical Advisory Committee at Providence.