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Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds must be locally planned by the CME Committee according to the perceived and unperceived needs of the Department.

Policy for the Relationship with Pharmaceutical Companies


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Competence By Design: What you Need to Know Now

Dr. Eric Prost

Support NOT Stigma

Ashley O'Brien, Justin McIsaac, Amanda Rogers

Suicide - Basic Facts

Dr. Ross J. Baldessarini

Paranoia: Old diagnosis, modern presentations

Dr. L. Tondo

ECT and Dementia: Who, What, and Why?

Dr. Nimrit Bath

Molecular Imaging Studies in Youth

Dr. Romina Mizrahi

Code Status Conversations in Psychiatry

Dr. Elyse Platt, Andrew Lee, CC

Insomnia: Medication Management Review

Dr. A. Lowe

Efficacy and Safety of Medications in Mental Disorders in Adults: Just the Evidence

Dr. Marco Solmi

Fight the fire: Novel neuroinflammatory biomarkers and targets in understanding and managing suicide

Dr. Xenia Gonda

The Role of Genetic Factors in the Development of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Dr. Matt Gazzellone

Evidence-based pharmacological treatment of bipolar disorder: The good, the bad and the ugly

Dr. Fabiano Gomes

Effective Engagement and Change for Complex Care Youth and their Families - using an Integrated Approach

Dr. S. Khalid-Khan, Dr. J. Davidson, P. Marchand

 The NIMH Research Domain Criteria (RDoC): Toward Lessening the Burden of Mental Health

 Dr. Bruce Cuthbert et al

Putting the 'Psych' back in Psychedelics: The Past, Present, and Future of Psychedelic Medicine and Psychiatry

 Dr. Tyler Pettes

Online Sexual Experiences and Negative Psychosocial Outcomes in Adolescents

Dr. Ahila Vithiananthan

Countertransference in Pipolar Disorder

Dr. Andrew Shaw





























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Seeing Through a Different Lens: Considering Autism Dr. Tess Clifford and Rachel Quickert
“Gut Feelings: Microbiome and Psychiatry” Arthi Chinna Meyyappan, Evan Forth, and Cassandra Sgarbossa
“Military Mental Health” CFB Kingston Major Jean-Marc Lafleur
CFB Kingston
Doctor as Person: Finding Agency in my own Recovery Dr. Damon Dagnone
Queen’s University
"So, you're saying it's all in my head?": A Case of Somatic Symptom Disorder Dr. Christina Moi
1st Episode Psychosis Care with a Focus in Minority Patients Dr. Mauricio Tohen
University of New Mexico Health Sciences Centre 
Major Depressive Disorder with Psychotic Features Dr. Navdeep Grewal
The changing face of Frontotemporal Dementia: a review and case of FTD Dr. Nimisha Singaram
Depression and the Desire to Die - Implications for Medical Assistance in Dying Dr. Elyse Platt 
Dealing with Completed Suicides in Psychiatric Practice Dr. Robert Reid 
“MRS: Discovering New Brain Circuits in Early Psychosis” Dr. Dost Öngür,
McLean Hospital 
“Clinical Progression and Neuroprogression in Bipolar Disorder” Dr. Flávio Kapczinski
McMaster University 
“Adverse Skin Reactions to Psychotropic Drugs: When Is It Actually Stevens-Johnson Syndrome?” Dr. Anthi Stefatos
“Who will come out to play today, the Rottweiler or the Retriever? A psychodynamic exploration.” Dr. Alexandra Ruhr
"Concepts of Psychiatry as applied to clinical practice" Dr. Nassir Ghaemi
Tufts University School of Medicine
“Is neuromodulation following DSM criteria to the grave? The promise of neuromodulation - the complexity of patients” Dr. Paul Lesperance
University of Montreal
“It's Raining, it's Pouring - Concussion and the Effects on Mental Health” Dr. Robert Reid
Functional Recovery in Schizophrenia Dr. Ahmad Alghofaily
Looks Can Be Deceiving: A case of factitious disorder Dr. Liora Berger
An Animal Model for Bipolar Disorder Dr. Nadja Freund
Ruhr-University Bochum
Presentation Title Speaker
Trauma and the Road to Recovery: Psychological Perspectives on PTSD Dr. Peter Gotz
The Role of IV Ketamine in Treatment Refractory Mood Disorders Drs. R. Chandrasena, J. Fairbairn, M. Anjum 
Implications of Marijuana Legalization Dr. Ricky Chuhan
Medical Assistance in Dying and Mental Illness Dr. Caitlin Yee
Methamphetamine Use Disorder: Principles and Treatment Approaches Dr. David Carlone
More than clutter: Understanding and managing hoarding disorder Dr. Spencer Haze
The effect of pharmaceutical companies on knowledge in psychiatry Dr. Marie Gojmerac
Benzodiazepines - Helpful or Harmful? Dr. Liora Berger
The Gender Diverse Population: What Mental Health Clinicians Should Know Dr. Marcelo Crespin
New 2018 CANMAT and ISBD Bipolar Treatment Guidelines: Advances in the Development and Dissemination Strategies (Hint: There is an App for That) Dr. Ayal Schaffer
Strengthening Your Core: The Next CBME Stage Dr. Eric Prost
Neurophysiological correlates of cognitive deficits in adolescent suicide attempters Drs. Addo Boafo and Paniz Tavakoli
Repetition Compulsion, Seeking New Rejecting Objects in Adulthood Dr. David Celani
Why do you keep telling me that Drug - Drug Interactions are important in Psychopharmacology when I do not see them in my clinical practice? My Failure to Convince Clinicians Dr. Jose de Leon
The Basics of Ketamine for Treatment-Resistant Depression Melody Kang, Emily Hawken, Dr. Gustavo Vazquez
Remission, Resistance and Response to Treatment in Schizophrenia Professor Saeed Farooq
Clinical Relevance of Psychoneuroimmunology of Bipolar Disorder Dr. Vladimir Maletic
A Weighty Subject: Psychiatric Considerations in the Bariatric Population Dr. Spencer Haze
Integrating Phenomenology, Chronobiology and Ignatian Spirituality for exploring time-processing disturbances in first-psychotic episodes: a pilot study Dr. Paola Salvatore
Pharmacological interventions for antisocial personality disorder Dr. Najat Khalifa
Visual Release Hallucinations and the Mind Dr. R. Chuhan


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Intensive Short-term Dynamic Psychotherapy: Empirical basis and video examples Dr. Allan Abbass
A Clinical Case Presentation on Bipolar Mania in a 16-year-old Male Dr. Sarah Adams
Psychiatry and Social Media Dr. Jamey Adirim
From inflammation to inflam-aging: The role of immune system in the pathophysiology of mood disorders Dr. Elisa Brietzke
Brain Circuits and Human Behaviour: What can go wrong and what can we do about it? Dr. Nir Lipsman
Art and the Unconscious: Using Art in Psychotherapy Sarah Brodie and Claudia Corradetti
CBME (Again): Practical Guidance for this Academic Year Dr. Eric Prost
The impact of childhood maltreatment in psychopathology: implications for research and clinical care Dr. Elisa Brietzke
Relapse, Re-admission and Recovery: Managing Addiction Care in an Acute Care Hospital Dr. Adam Quastel
Addictions Medicine:  It's Never Too Late to START! Dr. Raistlin Alexander Majere
Understanding and Managing the Agitated Patient Dr. Reinhard Dolp
Cycloid Psychoses. the missing link between Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia? Dr. Marcelo Cetkovich-Bakmas
Resolving Confusion - an in depth review of Delirium Dr. Matt Tobin
Are We Getting the Most from Early Intervention in Psychosis? Need for Re-examination and Innovation Dr. Ashok Malla
OPA Presidential Tour: Current Challenges Faced by Ontario Psychiatrists Dr. Mathieu Dufour
Physician Burnout and the Wellness Curriculum Dr. Amanda Richer


Presentation Title


 Suicide in a medical perspective: focus on psychosis  Dr. Leonardo Tondo
 What happens when Cody, Fizzies and Juice walk into a Psycy unit? A discussion of chronic pain, common drugs of abuse and clinical management of opioid use disorder  Dr. Jen Pikard
 Mental Health Services - Stepped Care Model  Dr. Saleh Altwaijri
 Laying Down the Law: Medico-legal Issues in Psychiatry  Dr. Jen Martins
 Do No Harm, Help Me Die: The Evolution of Assisted Dying Policies in Canada, and the Challenge of Mental Illness in the Context of MAiD  Dr. K. S. Gaind
 Neurostimulation for Cognition in Alzheimer's Disease and High Risk Populations  Dr. Tarek Rajji
 Quality Standards for Schizophrenia in Ontario  Dr. T. Munshi
 General Practitioners' Knowledge & Understanding of First Episode Psychosis  Dr. Sarah Adams
 A History of Depression - and how we ended up asking the MSIGECAPS questions  Dr. Niki Mofidi
 Development of Emotion Regulation Development and the Role of Parents  Dr. Nim Tottenham
 Pathways to Risk and Resilience: Predicting Outcomes in Offspring of Parents with Bipolar Disorder  Dr. Danella Hafeman
 The Mental Health of Sexual Minorities: Minority Stress Theory & Research Implications  Dr. Marcelo Crespin
 Building an Alzheimer's Resistant Brain: What You Can Do To Prevent Alzheimer's Disease  Dr. Anees Bahji
 Applying Clinical Tools in Early Psychosis  Dr. Tom Hastings
Opioid Agonist Therapy for Substance Use Disorders and Pain: inpatient and outpatient settings Dr. Adam Newman
Juggling Risk & Care: Managing a Formerly Aggressive Patient on the Inpatient Forensic Unit. An Interdisciplinary Success Story Drs. R. Douglas, M. Chan & Ms. C. Onysko 
Is evidence based psychiatry ethical? A review Dr. Marie Gojmerac
An Update on Nutritional Psychiatry Dr. Matthew Pierce
Innovative Solutions for Treatment of Depression in Pregnancy Dr. Simone Vigod
Understanding the Person with Huntington Disease Dr. Catherine Bobek

Presentation Title


"Suicide in Mood Disorders: How the Results of the ISBD Task Force on Suicide Can Inform a Diagnosis-Specific Approach" Dr. Ayal Schaffer
"Treating Tobacco Addiction in Patients with Mental Illness: a Pragmatic Approach Dr. Peter Selby
"Email Based (Internet and Computer based) Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Anxiety disorders in children and adolescents" Dr. Abdulhadi Alhabbad
"Pediatric Automimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections (PAANDAS): A Controversial Diagnosis" Dr. Jennifer Martins
"Psychiatric Services for Long-Term Care Residents" Dr. Dallas Seitz
"Psychosis and Intellectual Disability" Dr. Muhammad Ayub
"Quality Improvement in Healthcare: Why should we care?" Dr. Farooq Naeem and Dr. Pallavi Nadkarni
"Has Psychiatry lost its mind, or has Psychodynamics lost its brain: How cognitive neuroscience can help us find both" Dr. Deborah L. Cabaniss
"Synthetic Cannabinoids for the Treatment of Cannabis Dependence: A Systematic Review" Dr. Anees Bahji
"New CANMAT Guidelines for MDD: Neurostimulation Therapies" Dr. Roumen Milev
"Borderline, or not? Do we "iatrogenize" suicidal gestures?" Dr. Amer Sapru and Dr. Alina Marin
"Schizophrenia and high functioning: Is this an oxymoron?" Dr. Tom Kim
"Cannabis Use and Psychosis: Examining the Evidence" Dr. Catherine Bobek
DEBATE: This House Believes that Psychodynamic Therapy is Dead, Let Us Move On" - Moderator: Dr. Alina Marin In Favour: Dr. Casimiro Cabrera and Dr. Farooq Naeem
Against: Dr. Jane Baldock and Dr. Muhammad Ayub
"On Depression: Drugs, Diagnosis, and Despair in the Modern World" Dr. S. Nassir Ghaemi
"To Cut or Not to Cut? Perspective on Psychosurgery" Dr. Davit Khachatryan

Presentation Title


"eGuru" Dr. Alex Xiang
"Bipolar Disorder as a Vascular Disease: Clinical and Scientific Implications" Dr. Ben Goldstein
"An Overview of Social Media Use in Medical Education" Dr. A. Jalali
"Why Did Freud Fail to Win a Nobel Prize?" Dr. Harry Karlinski
"Managing Complex and Severe Psychiatric Problems in teh Community" Dr. Martin Feakins and Mr. T. Landry
"....and I am also suicidal": Improving Suicide Risk Assessment in the Emergency Room Department" Dr. Nazanin Alavi, Dr. Taras Reshetukha and Dr. Eric Prost
"Clinicians and Scientists Perspective on Cocaine Addiction: Are we on the Same Page?" Dr. Nadeem Mazhar and Dr. Eric Dumont
"On the Neuroscience of Affective Experience" Dr. Ajay Satpute
"GROUP MEDICAL VISITS (GMV) IN PSYCHIATRY: What have we accomplished, what have we learned, what are the next steps?" Dr. Ronald Remick
"The Role of Serotonin in Psychiatric Disorders: Lessons from Developmental Neuroscience" Dr. Linda Booij
"Violent Patient on the Ward: Does cooperation with police have a role?" Dr. Taras Reshetukha
"The Psychiatric Dilemma: The Duty to Report" Dr. Nilanga Fernando
"Borderline - Looking back, looking forward and asking some questions along the way" Dr. Sarah Penfold
"Let's Get Physical - Physical Examination and Monitoring in Psychiatric Care" Dr. Selim Asmer
M&M Rounds "The 17-year old male and the impaired parent" Dr. Nilanga Fernando
"Maximizing Your Impact as a Mentor and Creating a Culture where Mentoring Thrives" Dr. Janet Bickel
DEBATE: "This House believes that the Form 1 is Grossly Abused" - Moderator: Dr. Eric Prost                                                In Favour: Dr. Sarosh Khalid-Khan and Dr. Nazanin Alavi
Against: Dr. Alina Marin and Dr. Taras Reshetukha
"Theory of Mind, Abnormal Self Experience and Other Cognitive Features of Schizophrenia" Dr. Daniela Volochniouk
M&M Rounds: "The Usual Suspects" Dr. Peter Wang
"Modeling Depression "a la Parker" - A Review of Gordon Parker's Criticism of the DSM-5 Depression Classification" Dr. Megan Yang
"Contemporary Conundrums in the Management of Bipolar Disorder" Dr. Lakshmi Yatham
"Giving Effective Feedback: Tools and Techniques for the Clinical Preceptor" Dr. Cherie Jones-Hiscock
"Categorizing the Dimensions of Mood Disorders" Dr. Roger McIntyre
"How Does Early Life Adversity Impact the Development of Later Life Psychopathology" Dr. Diane MacIntosh
"Gender Dysphoria in Children" Dr. Niki Mofidi
"Songs to die for? Music and Suicide" Dr. Peter Wang

"Collaborative Care - Our Social Responsibility"

Dr. Diana Kljenak. Panel Members: Drs. N. Doan, R. Fitzpatrick, V. Prabhu, E. Prost


Presentation Title


Psychiatrists and the   Consent and Capacity Board: Preparation and Pitfalls

Dr. Alison Freeland

Vitamin D: Does it play a   role in Psychiatry

Dr. Rupy Johal

The Echo of the Past

Dr. Moustafa Eid

Problems are a Part of   Life: Problem-Solving Therapy for Depression in Older Adults

Dr. Dallas Seitz

Art and Mental Illness

Dr. Barinder Singh

The Concept  of Memory Reconsolidation and its Practical   Application in Psychotherapy

Dr. Göran Hörberg

Cura te ipseum (heal   thyself) – Physicians and their mental illness

Dr. Selim Asmer

Special Presentation: DSM 5   Update: A review and discussion of some of the changes from the DSM IV

Dr. Tim Lau

A Gentler Introduction to   Machine Learning in Medicine

Dr. Joseph Geraci

Bullying  in Youth and its Relationship with Suicidal   Behaviour

Dr. Naz Alavi

Treatment-Resistant   Depression – Concept and Management

Dr. Dusan Kolar

Tanzanian Psychiatry

Dr. Martin Feakins

Psychiatry and Informatics

Dr. Nam Doan

The Evolution of Service   Delivery Models:  Moving Beyond   ‘Psychiatric Care’

Dr. Sonu Gaind

Emerging Treatments for   PTSD

Dr. Davit Khachatryan

Conducting Mental Health   Research using Population-Based Administrative Health Data

Dr. Dallas Seitz

When a Patient Commits   Suicide….

Dr. Archana Patel

Using Eye Movements to   Investigate Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders

Dr. Doug Munoz

Psychiatric Treatment &   Research Collaborations Cross Pacific Ocean

Dr. Yuhuan Xie and Dr. Xureong   Luo

Working with Transference   and Countertransference in Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Dr. Diana Kljenak

Getting to YES: The Art of   Negotiating the Best Possible Outcome

Dr. Megan Yang

A Review Clozapine Safety

Dr. Gbolahan Odejayi

Evidence-Based Practice

Dr. Farooq Naeem

Operational Stress Injuries   (OSI) in the Ontario Provincial Police & the Ontario Municipal Police   Forces

Dr. Dianne Groll

Psychiatric Disorders: A   Wiring Problem?

Kesshi Jordan

Keeping Good Boundaries in   Professional Practice

Dr. Michael Paré

Ketamine in Depression: A   Ray of Hope?

Dr. Shelly Dhaliwal