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UPDATED: MOH Schedule of Benefits in Response to COVID-19

Published  by:  Health  Services  Branch,  Ministry  of  Health

Bulletin  #:  4745 and 4750

Re:     Changes  to  the  Schedule  of  Benefits  for  Physician  Services ( Schedule)  in  response  to  COVID- 19  influenza  pandemic effective  March  14 ,  2020 . Updated March 25, 2020

bul4745.pdf Bul4750.pdf 2020-04-0120-20April20Tariff20update.pdf

In support of the government’s efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19 in Ontario, the Minister of 
Health has made an Order under the authority of subsection 45(2.1) of the Health Insurance Act to 
temporarily list as insured services the provision of assessments of or counselling to insured 
persons by telephone or video, or advice and information to patient representatives by telephone or 
video, as well as a temporary sessional fee code.