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Dr. Sidra Ali
Dr. Sidra Ali

What is your educational background?

  • I went to high school in Toronto and thereafter completed my medical training at University College Cork, Ireland

What is your hometown? 

  • It’s complicated. A combination of Toronto, Abu Dhabi, and Aligarh probably.  

Research/Academic Interests?

  • I would love to explore Virtual Reality-Associated CBT. I am also interested in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.


  • I love travelling, my favorite trips were to Italy, Portugal, and Turkey. I like re-watching my favorite sitcoms, most of which are created by Michael Schur. I also enjoy painting and baking. 

What’s your motto? 

  • To always try and learn from my mistakes. 

Where would you like to live if you could live anywhere?

  • Somewhere close to my friends and family, hopefully near a nice beach or near an airport that could take me to a nice beach.  

What is your favorite sound? 

  • The sound of rain, water rushing through the river, Loki’s theme?  

What would you like to tell prospective applicants about our program? 

  • Residency can be overwhelming especially as an IMG, but I have never felt more supported. The staff are eager to teach, passionate about the field and willing to cater to our learning goals. The residents are friendly, helpful, and welcoming. Additionally, Kingston is a great city to live in – walkable, with amazing food, and a beautiful lake.