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Synergy is published twice a year by the Queen’s Department of Psychiatry.  The journal is scholarly in outlook but not necessarily number of footnotes.  We strive to publish good prose and ideas presented with vigor.  It is our belief that psychiatry is so inherently interesting that it should not only be presented in the form of randomized controlled trials.  Many of the issues of Synergy have themes.

Synergy invites submissions from the mental health community.  Articles on current topics in psychiatry are encouraged.

Summer 2019 - "The Trail Back Home"

Fall 2018 - "Blurring the Boundaries"

Spring 2017 – “Why did you decide to become a Psychiatry”
Fall 2017 – “Bedeviled Minds: Reflections on the History of “Satanic Thoughts”

Fall 2016 - There is a crack in everything /  that's how the light gets in"

Spring 2015 - "Memories and Meaning"


Spring 2014 - "Schizophrenia and Autism: Let their Genes Speak"

Summer 2013 - "The Future of Psychiatry"
Fall 2013 - "From Generation to Generation: The Personality Disorders Service and Kingston's Psychiatric Tradition"

Spring/Summer 2012 - "Should Physicians Incarcerate Patients?"
Fall 2012 - "Suicide in the Middle Ages"