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Dr. Susan Ilkov-Moor MD, FRCPC
Dr.  Susan Ilkov-Moor
Assistant Professor
Contact Info
752 King St. W., Kingston, ON K7L 4X3

Dr. Susan Ilkov-Moor is a Geriatric Psychiatrist at Queen’s University and at Providence Care-Mental Health Services. Home grown, she completed Medical School, Residency, and Specialty Advanced Training at Queen’s University. Dr. Ilkov-Moor is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Queen’s University and teaches training physicians at various levels of their education in a variety of settings.

Clinically she is involved with outreach care of the geriatric population in our region. The Outreach Team is a dynamic and energetic team of highly specialized nurses, OT and SW who work with Dr. Ilkov-Moor towards promoting a longer, better, and most independent possible life for seniors. The Outreach Teams serve our medical system at three levels:

1) the patient and family stay where they want to be, i.e., at home;
2) through a process of shared care family physicians and community care providers develop the capacity to manage less serious psychiatric conditions within our population;
3) by treating various behavioural symptoms early, the team recurrently aims to avoid crisis for clients and families thus diverting medical attention at acute care hospitals.

In addition, Dr. Ilkov-Moor is dedicated to medical education and quality care. She belongs to the Residency Progress Committee, holding the CARMs portfolio.  As an integral part of the division of Geriatric Psychiatry, she shares in the vision of providing quality care to seniors in an effective and efficient practice.