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Dr. Katrina Bouchard
Dr.  Katrina Bouchard
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Contact Info
752 King St. W., Kingston, ON K7L 4X3

Dr. Katrina Bouchard is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at Queen’s University. She is a psychologist in supervised practice in Forensic Mental Health at Providence Care Hospital, with areas of practice in clinical and forensic/correctional psychology.

Dr. Bouchard received her PhD in clinical psychology from Queen’s University which included a pre-doctoral residency at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, an academic hospital affiliated with McMaster University. Among her clinical interests are the ways in which sexual health can be incorporated into person-centered mental health care. To date, Dr. Bouchard’s research has centered on the ways in which women’s sexual arousal is elicited and assessed in a laboratory environment as well as on understanding paraphilic interests among women and men. Her teaching interests in the Department of Psychiatry include topics related to human sexuality, such as sexual dysfunctions and paraphilic disorders. In the Forensic Mental Health unit, Dr. Bouchard can provide clinical clerks and psychiatry residents with exposure to violence risk assessment and feigning assessment for adults who have come into contact with the law.