Department of Psychiatry
School of Medicine Queen's University

Current Clinical Studies and Research Projects


Members of the Department of Psychiatry are involved in a variety of Research Projects:

Principal Investigator Co-Investigator Project Title
  Harkness KL Canadian Integrated Biomarker Network for Depression
  Harkness KL A Detailed Examination of the Life Circumstances of High School Drop out in Economically Contrasted Rural and Urban Areas
  Harkness KL Experimental Manipulations of Oxytocin on Emotional Information Processing and Stress Reactivity: Studies of Interpersonal Vulnerability and Depression
  Harkness KL Ameliorating Emotional Vulnerabilities in First Year Students
Baetz T Richardson H, Groll D Baseline Emotional Function in a Cohort of Cancer Patients Participating in Clinical Trials led by the NCIC Clinical Trials Group
Beninger RJ Reynolds JN To Study Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) and the Etiology of Schizophrenia: Identifying and Treating Cognitive and Neurochemical Deficits in Animal Models
Beninger RJ   The Role of Brain Neurotransmitters in the Control of Behaviour
Bowie C   Examining the Efficacy of Delivering Cognitive Remediation to People with Schizophrenia in their Homes
Burge P Groll D, Burke N Child Adoption in Ontario: Who is Interested in Adopting Children with Special Needs?
Cripps D Harvey D, Le Clair K, et al Behaviour Supports Ontario Province Wide System Redesign Project an Ongoing Service/Learning Initiative
Crutch S Tyler N, Gillhood M, Sullivan MP, et al See what they see: Compensating for Cortical Visual Dysfunction in Alzheimer's Disease
Davidson L Bardana D, Flynn L, Fitzpatrick R, Sandhu G, Wiley R, Smith K Medical Education Research Grant
Davidson L Fitzpatrick R, Pinchin S Virtual Video Modules for Distributed Learning in Psychiatry
Fitzpatrick R Jones-Hiscock C Use of Modules and Videos to Introduce Longitudinal Case Study in Pre-Clerkship
Frank C Seitz DP, Andrew M, Gill SS Medication and Memory: Friend or Foe?
Grief C Sokoloft L, Conn D, Madon R, Le Clair K, et al Developing a Community of Practice in Geriatric Mental Health: Building Connections, Sharing Knowledge
Groll D Charbonneau D, Belanger S, Aitken L, Pukall C, Abram B, Muller M Yoga Therapy as a Treatment for PTSD
Groll D Boddam R, French S Prevalence of Operational Stress Injuries in the Ontario Provincial Police Force and the Ontario Municipal Police Force
Harkness K   Individual Differences in Adult Theory of Mind: A Cognitive Interpersonal Integration
Harkness K   Randomized, Controlled Trial of Bikram Yoga and Aerobic Excercise for Depression: Efficacy and Underlying Psychological and Physiological Mechanisms
Harvey D Le Clair K, Chair of Alzheimer Knowledge Exchange Collaboration Alzheimer Knowledge Exchange - Year 7
Harvey D Stolee P, Rockwood K, Le Clair K, et al Forming a Research Partnership to Evaluate First Link 
Hassan T  Khalid-Khan S, Seitz D, Groll D  Psychiatrists Attitudes to Becoming Mentally Ill 
Iftene F    From the Shadow: An Anti-Stigma Tool Created by Clients with Severe Mental Disorders 
Iftene F    Functional Oucome Measures of Severe Mental Disorders in Group Homes 
Iftene F  Groll D, Millson R, Hawken E, Detlef S, Milev R, Hanna S, Potopsingh D  Identification of Primary Polydipsia in a Psychiatric Outpatient Population 
Jokic R    SEAMO Innovation Research Grant 
Jokic R  Fitzpatrick M, Milev R, du Toit R, Lowe A, David M, Cabrera C  Treatment Resistant Depression and Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Effect of Treatment with Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) on Mood, Anxiety and Quality of Life 
Jones J  McQueen M, McCreary B  Dual Diagnosis Training for Developmental Services 
Jones J Rischke A Evaluation of Concise Course for Dual Diagnosis
Jones J Barry J Behavioural Consultation Service Pilot Program
Jones J McDonald J, Broderick N Development and Implementation of Children's Dual Diagnosis Clinic for Children in Care
Jones J   Positive Behaviour Support Training for Developmental Service Agencies
Jones-Hiscock C McQueen M, Jones J Interprofessional Developmental Disabilities Education Day
Kennedy S Jokic R, Cabrera C, Kolar D, Iftene F, Saeed K, Marin A Integrated Biological Markers for the Prediction of Treatment Response in Depression
Kolar D   A Study of Alertness in Patients with Treatment Resistent Depression
Kolar D   The Validation of the Nepean Dysphoria Scale
Lam R Milev R, Jokic R, Cabrera C, Kolar D Quality of Life, Stigma and Bipolar Disorder: A Collaboration for Change
Lewis M Saperson K, McAiney L, Le Clair K, et al Enhancing Learning through a Community of Practice for Seniors' Mental Health
Luctkar-Flude M Touw M, Groll D The Effect of Neurofeedback on Long-Term Symptoms and Quality of Life of Post-Treatment Cancer Survivors: An Exploratory. Mixed Methods Study
McNamara A Fitzpatrick R, de Grace B, Roblin-Hanson A, Ogilvie S, Procunier D Playground Social Skills
McQueen M Jones J, Jones-Hiscock C, Minnes P Evaluating Queen's Healthcare Student's Change in Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes Towards Individuals with a Developmental Disability(DD) and how it Affects their Readiness for Interprofessional Collaboration
McQueen M Jones J, Lowe S, Minnes P Evaluation of Deep Pressure Sensory Treatment for Five Young Adults with Sensory Integration Dysfunction: Utilizing Temple Grandin's Squeeze Machine
Milev R   An Investigation of the Sleep Architecture in Ziprasidone Treated Bipolar Depression
Milev R Iftene F, Cabrera C, Jokic R, Kolar D A Prospective, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Phase 2 Safety and Efficacy Study of Oral ELND005 as an Adjunctive Maintenance Treatment in Patients with Bipolar I Disorder
Milev R Iftene F, Cabrera C, Kolar D, Jokic R, Saeed K A 28-week , Randomized, Open-Label, Study Evaluating the Effectiveness of Aripiprazole once-monthly vs. Paliperidone Palmitate in Adult Patients with Schizophrenia
Milev R Cabrera C A Randomized, Double-Blind, Parallel-Group, Active-Controlled, Flexible-Dose Study Evaluating the Effect of LuAA21004 vs. Escitalopram on Sexual Functioning in Adults with Well-Treated, Major Depressive Disorder experiencing selective sertonin reuptakes
Milev R Iftene F, Jokic R, Cabrera C, Kolar D International, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Flexible-Dose, Long-Term Study to Evaluate the Maintenance of Efficacy and Safety of 1 to 3 mg/day of Brexipiprazole vs. Adjunctive Treatment in  Patients with MDD with an Inadequate Response to Antidpressants
Milev R Jokic R, Cabrera C, Kolar D, Iftene F  A Randomized, Double-Blind, Parallel-Group, Active-Controlled, Flexible-Dose Study Evaluating the Effect of LuAA21004 vs. Escitalopram on Sexual Functioning in Adults with Well-Treated MDD 
Milev R  Iftene F A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Parallel, 26-week, Phase 3 Study of 2 Doses of Alpha-7 Nicotine Acetylcholine Receptor Agonist (EPV-6124) or Placebo as an Adjunctive Pro-Cognitive Treatment in Schizophrenia Subjects  
Milev R  Jokic R, Cabrera C,  Kolar D, Saeed K An Investigation of Biological Markers of Treatment Response in Depression 
Milev R  Iftene F, Cabrera C, Hanna S, Furst K, Goff V  AMG747 Phase 2, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study to Evaluate the Effect of Add-onAMG747 on Schizophrenia Negative Symptoms 
Munshi T  Mazhar N, Hassan T, El-Saidi M, Abdelmotaal E, Lothian D  Factors Associated with Good Outcome in Psychosocial Rehabilitation of a Sample of Individuals under the Care of Assertive Community Outreach 
Munshi T Parmar V, Dhaliwal S Nicotine Dependence in Mental Health Patients: Is is being Identified?
Nakatsu K Szarek WA, Brien JF Design of Selective Heme Oxygenase-2 Inhibitors and Activators: Developing Pharmacological Tools
Noel-Weiss J Groll D Validating a Health Measurement Scale to Determine Breastfeeding Patterns
Noel-Weiss J Mahrouche L, Groll D Effect of Maternal Home Baby Scale Use on Breastfeeding Duration and Exclusivity with Full-Term Newborns During the First Six-Months Postpartum: A Randomized Control Trial
Puxty J Seitz D, Gill SS, Le Clair K, et al Mobilizing Strategy and Expertise in Delirium Prevention, Identification, Assessment and Management
Rapoport M Elzohairy Y, Frank C, Lee L, Schulz M, Bzyewski A, Cohen S, Herrman N, Masselis M, Molnar F, Mulsant B, Naglie G, Tang-Wai D, Seitz D Driving in Dementia Decision Tool
Rochon PA, Anderson GM Austin PC, Bell C, Bronskill S, Dhalla I, Gill S, Gruneir A, Seitz DP, Woschis W Transitions across the Continuum of Care for Older People with Complex Needs: A Program of Research
Rockwood K Le Clair K, Scientific Theme Lead CDRAKE, Feldman H, Keefe J, Chertkow H Research to Action Program in Dementia (RAPID) - Year 5
Seitz D Gill SS, Buettnew LN, Horgan S, Le Clair K A Volunteer-Led Intervention to Reduce Behavioural Symptoms of Dementia
Seitz D Le Clair K, Gill S, Horgam S, Hamilton P, et al Volunteers Adding Life in Dementia (VALID)
Seitz D                                      Clinician Scientist Development Program
Seitz D Blumberger D, Vigod SN, Maxwell CJ, Brander R Effects of a Volunteer-Led, Friendly Visitor Program on Depressive Symptoms among Home-bound Older Adults with Depression
Seitz DP Frank C, Keren R, Patterson C, Horgan S, Harvey D, Le Clair K, Brown G, Gill S The Primary Care Dementia Assessment and Treatment Algorithm
Seitz DP, Perlman C   Quality of Mental Health Care for Older Adults
Vincent J Ayub M, Sherer S, Naeem F Identification of Loci and Genes for Autosomal Recessive Mental Retardation and Autism in Consanguineous Pakistani Families
Ward Griffin M Le Clair K, et al Knowledge Translation in Dementia Care: It Takes a Community
Warner J O'Neil J, Luctkar-Flude M, Groll D Hotel Dieu Hospital Kingston RNAO Best Practice Spotlight Organization Implementation Project
Wiersma E Harvey D, Dupuis S, Kelly ML, Le Clair K, et al Developing a Self-Management Program for Dementia Integrating Research, Care Practice and Client Exposure
Yatham L Milev R (site PI) Mood Stabilizer plus Antidepressant vs. Mood Stabilizer plus Placebo in the Maintenance Treatment of Bipolar Disorder