Department of Psychiatry
School of Medicine Queen's University


Members of the Department publish widely in peer reviewed publications as well as non-peer reviewed position papers, reports, books and book chapters.  They also frequently present research findings and updates at local, national and international conferences and symposiums.

2016 Publications:



Ayub M, Noor A, and John B. Vincent, The Role of the Latent TGF-Binding Protein 3, LTBP3, in Tooth, Spine, and Bone Density Abnormalities, 6-2016, Epstein's Inborn Errors of Development: The Molecular Basis of Clinical Disorders of Morphogenesis (3 ed.), Vol. 1(3):439-442

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Seitz, Dallas - Geriatric Psychiatry Review and Exam Preparation Guide, 10-2016, University of Toronto Press, Vol. 1, 1-200

In Press:

Grande I, Kapczinski F, Vazquez G, Camino S and Vieta E - Allostasis and Neuroprogression in Major Psychiatric Disorders, Neuroprogression in Psychiatry

McCreary B, McQueen M, Jones J – Neurodevelopmental Disorders: A Caregiver’s Guide to Developmental Disorders Across the Lifespan, 11-2016 (e-pub) Amazon



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Publication In Press:

Alavi N, Reshetukha T, Prost E, Groll D – Assessing Suicide Risk:  What is Commonly Missed in the Emergency Room? (3-2017) J. Psych. Practice

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Submitted Publications:

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