Department of Psychiatry
School of Medicine Queen's University

2017 Grand Rounds

 Presentation Title  Speaker
 Suicide in a medical perspective: focus on psychosis  Dr. Leonardo Tondo
 What happens when Cody, Fizzies and Juice walk into a Psycy unit? A discussion of chronic pain, common drugs of abuse and clinical management of opioid use disorder  Dr. Jen Pikard
 Mental Health Services - Stepped Care Model  Dr. Saleh Altwaijri
 Laying Down the Law: Medico-legal Issues in Psychiatry  Dr. Jen Martins
 Do No Harm, Help Me Die: The Evolution of Assisted Dying Policies in Canada, and the Challenge of Mental Illness in the Context of MAiD  Dr. K. S. Gaind
 Neurostimulation for Cognition in Alzheimer's Disease and High Risk Populations  Dr. Tarek Rajji
 Quality Standards for Schizophrenia in Ontario  Dr. T. Munshi
 General Practitioners' Knowledge & Understanding of First Episode Psychosis  Dr. Sarah Adams
 A History of Depression - and how we ended up asking the MSIGECAPS questions  Dr. Niki Mofidi
 Development of Emotion Regulation Development and the Role of Parents  Dr. Nim Tottenham
 Pathways to Risk and Resilience: Predicting Outcomes in Offspring of Parents with Bipolar Disorder  Dr. Danella Hafeman
 The Mental Health of Sexual Minorities: Minority Stress Theory & Research Implications  Dr. Marcelo Crespin
 Building an Alzheimer's Resistant Brain: What You Can Do To Prevent Alzheimer's Disease  Dr. Anees Bahji
 Applying Clinical Tools in Early Psychosis  Dr. Tom Hastings
Opioid Agonist Therapy for Substance Use Disorders and Pain: inpatient and outpatient settings Dr. Adam Newman
Juggling Risk & Care: Managing a Formerly Aggressive Patient on the Inpatient Forensic Unit. An Interdisciplinary Success Story Drs. R. Douglas, M. Chan & Ms. C. Onysko 
Is evidence based psychiatry ethical? A review Dr. Marie Gojmerac
An Update on Nutritional Psychiatry Dr. Matthew Pierce
Innovative Solutions for Treatment of Depression in Pregnancy Dr. Simone Vigod
Understanding the Person with Huntington Disease Dr. Catherine Bobek