Department of Psychiatry
School of Medicine Queen's University

2015 Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds must be locally planned by the CME Committee according to the perceived and unperceived needs of the Department.

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2015 Grand Rounds:

Presentation Title Speaker
"eGuru" Dr. Alex Xiang
"Bipolar Disorder as a Vascular Disease: Clinical and Scientific Implications" Dr. Ben Goldstein
"An Overview of Social Media Use in Medical Education" Dr. A. Jalali
"Why Did Freud Fail to Win a Nobel Prize?" Dr. Harry Karlinski
"Managing Complex and Severe Psychiatric Problems in teh Community" Dr. Martin Feakins and Mr. T. Landry
"....and I am also suicidal": Improving Suicide Risk Assessment in the Emergency Room Department" Dr. Nazanin Alavi, Dr. Taras Reshetukha and Dr. Eric Prost
"Clinicians and Scientists Perspective on Cocaine Addiction: Are we on the Same Page?" Dr. Nadeem Mazhar and Dr. Eric Dumont
"On the Neuroscience of Affective Experience" Dr. Ajay Satpute
"GROUP MEDICAL VISITS (GMV) IN PSYCHIATRY: What have we accomplished, what have we learned, what are the next steps?" Dr. Ronald Remick
"The Role of Serotonin in Psychiatric Disorders: Lessons from Developmental Neuroscience" Dr. Linda Booij
"Violent Patient on the Ward: Does cooperation with police have a role?" Dr. Taras Reshetukha
"The Psychiatric Dilemma: The Duty to Report" Dr. Nilanga Fernando
"Borderline - Looking back, looking forward and asking some questions along the way" Dr. Sarah Penfold
"Let's Get Physical - Physical Examination and Monitoring in Psychiatric Care" Dr. Selim Asmer
M&M Rounds "The 17-year old male and the impaired parent" Dr. Nilanga Fernando
"Maximizing Your Impact as a Mentor and Creating a Culture where Mentoring Thrives" Dr. Janet Bickel
DEBATE: "This House believes that the Form 1 is Grossly Abused" - Moderator: Dr. Eric Prost                                                In Favour: Dr. Sarosh Khalid-Khan and Dr. Nazanin Alavi
Against: Dr. Alina Marin and Dr. Taras Reshetukha
"Theory of Mind, Abnormal Self Experience and Other Cognitive Features of Schizophrenia" Dr. Daniela Volochniouk
M&M Rounds: "The Usual Suspects" Dr. Peter Wang
"Modeling Depression "a la Parker" - A Review of Gordon Parker's Criticism of the DSM-5 Depression Classification" Dr. Megan Yang
"Contemporary Conundrums in the Management of Bipolar Disorder" Dr. Lakshmi Yatham
"Giving Effective Feedback: Tools and Techniques for the Clinical Preceptor" Dr. Cherie Jones-Hiscock
"Categorizing the Dimensions of Mood Disorders" Dr. Roger McIntyre
"How Does Early Life Adversity Impact the Development of Later Life Psychopathology" Dr. Diane MacIntosh
"Gender Dysphoria in Children" Dr. Niki Mofidi
"Songs to die for? Music and Suicide" Dr. Peter Wang

"Collaborative Care - Our Social Responsibility"

Dr. Diana Kljenak. Panel Members: Drs. N. Doan, R. Fitzpatrick, V. Prabhu, E. Prost