Department of Psychiatry
School of Medicine Queen's University

2013 Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds must be locally planned by the CME Committee according to the perceived and unperceived needs of the Department.

Presentation Title Speaker(s)
Substance Abuse in Health Professionals Dr. Wasif Habib
Psychiatric Aspects of Chronic Pain Dr. Francois Mai
Street Health Centre: Hepatitis C Treatment of a Vulnerable, Addicted Population Street Health Staff, Dr. Adam Newman, Ms. Carol Lynch
Tinkering with History and Philosophy of Psychiatry. Is 'Antipsychiatry' Good for Psychiatry Dr. Casi Cabrera
Prosecuting Assaultive Psychiatric Patients: An Ethical Dilemma or a Necessary Approach Ms. Judy Mosher
Working in the Military - Occupational Psychiatry Dr. Deborah Elliott
Eating Disorders: From Development to Diagnosis Dr. Mitra Monir Abbasi
Collaborative Geriatric Mental Health Care in Primary Care Dr. Dallas Seitz
The Future of Academic Psychiatry: Leadership Skills for a New Era Dr. J. Jarmain
DBT?? There's an App for That! Dr. Nazanin Alavi
Are Psychiatrists an Endangered Species? Dr. Joe Burley
Literature and Psychiatry Dr. Barinder Singh
What is Restless Genital Syndrome? Dr. Rupy Johal
Cats, Other Pets and Community Psychiatry Dr. Martin Feakins
Psychiatry Debate: "This House Believes that the Specialty of Psychiatry is going to Become Less Important" For: Dr. David Healy and Dr. Dallas Seitz
Against: Dr. Casi Cabrera and Dr. Michael Chan
Lecture: How Regulating Drugs has killed the Art of Medicine Dr. David Healy
Understanding Postpartum Psychosis Dr. Archana Patel
Understanding and Managing Behavioural Problems in Patients with Developmental Disabilities Dr. Cherie Jones-Hiscock and the Developmental Disabilities Consulting Program
Hopefully, A to ADHD Dr. Gbolahan Odejayi
Encouraging Inclusivity: Incorporating a Cultural Competency Module into the Psychiatry Residency Curriculum Dr. Sarosh Khalid-Khan and Dr. Margo Rivera
ECT Local and Beyond Dr. Casi Cabrera and Dr. Tariq Munshi
Genomic and Epigenomic Approaches for Complex Conditions: Meaning for Psychiatric Disorders Dr. Xudong LiuI
Improving Outcomes in Major Depression: Recent Advances in Neuroimaging and rTMS Techniques Dr. Jonathan Downar
Mental Health and Cognitive Screening of Youth in Moose Factory: An Interprofessional Collaboration Dr. Sarosh Khalid-Khan, Dr. Jennifer Davidson-Harden, Dr. Kevin Parker
Empirical and Interpretive Psychiatry Today - Looking back, Looking ahead: A Centennial Celebration in Honour of Karl Jaspers' General Psychopathology Dr. Gregory Walters, Dr. Casi Cabrera
High Users of the Emergency Department Dr. Taras Reshetukha
How can we make Integration and Collaboration Work for a Better Future in Mental Health Care Dr. Alina Marin, Dr. Terry Krupa, Ms. Cynthia Martineau, Ms. Sherry Kennedy
Dementia in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease: Differences and Similarities.  If different mechanisms, then why the same treatment? Dr. Tim Holden
Morbidity and Mortality Rounds: A Team Approach to Patient Care Dr. Pallavi Nadkarni, Dr. P. Dungey, Dr. J. Boseovski
Stigma and Intellectual Disability Dr. Bruce McCreary
Novel Treatments for Eating Disoders Dr. Mitra Monie Abbasi