Department of Psychiatry
School of Medicine Queen's University

2012 Grand Rounds

In 2012, the Departmental policy for the "Relationship with Pharmaceutical Companies" was developed and implemented.  Pharmaceutical companies can bring in accredited presentations and provide a modest lunch, however, residents should not solicit or accept financial support from pharmaceutical companies.  These talks will take place at noon-hour only and will not be part of Grand Rounds.  There will be no support or publicity for evening talks, even if accredited by the Royal College or CPA. 

Presentation Title Speaker
To Admit or Not Admit, that is the Question:
Factors Associated with Admission after Urgent Consults
Dr. Nasreen Roberts and Ms. Susan Franchuck
This House believes that Psychiatric Treatments are Never Futile  Dr. Nasreen Roberts, Dr. Ruzica Jokic, Dr. Casi Cabrera, Dr. Eric Prost, Dr. Frank Jarrett
PTer - Psychotherapy Training Electronic Resource Dr. Priyanthy Weerasekera 
Hypnotherapy for Smoking Cessation  Dr. Ruby Sadera 
An Evaluation of the "Priming, Timing, Miming"
Behavioural Care Place by LTC Facilities Receiving Patients from the MHS Geriatric Psychiatry Inpatients Units 
Dr. Lindy Kilik and Mr. Jack Henson
Forecasting the Storm: Aggressiveness and Violence Risk
Assessment in Acute Care and Out-patient Settings 
Dr. David Murray 
Collaborative Mental Health Care in Long-Term Care  Ms. Salinda Horgan 
PTSD - A Historical Perspective  Dr. Behnia Haghiri 
Psychiatry in Ontario: What you need to know and why you need to know it  Dr. Alison Freeland
Child Abuse: A Clinical Perspective  Dr. Moustafa Eid 
Depression in Neurological Disease: Are there Lessons for
General Psychiatry 
Dr. Tim Holden 
Alcoholism  Dr. Daniela Volochniouk 
Explaining Mental Illness to our Patients  Dr. Joe Burley 
Role Models and Road Blocks: Professionalism in Health Education  Dr. Nishardi Wijeratne 
Primary Polydipsia in a Severe Persistent Mental Illness Population  Dr. Simon O'Brien 
Film "Recovery" Gary and Krista Ledbetter 
Cycloid Psychosis  Dr. Nam Doan 
ADHD across the Lifespan  Dr. Alina Marin, Dr. Michael Chan, Dr. Garth Smith 
Pedophilia: Psychiatric Insights Dr. Peter Szymczak
The M.I.N.I.  Dr. Juris Janavs 
Teen Suicides in Moose Factory: A Collaborative Approach towards Screening at-Risk Youth and Identifying Resilience Factors  Dr. Sarosh Khalid-Khan, Dr. Kevin Parker 
Can Mental Illness Present as an Epidemic  Dr. Varinder Parmar 
The Revised Maintenance of Certification Program: Practical Strategies for Lifelong Learning in Practice  Dr. Craig Campbell 
Physician Health Challenges in Training and Beyond: Does Psychiatry have a Role?  Dr. Melissa Andrew, Dr. Leslie Flynn, Dr. Steve McNevin 
Who am I? Identity versus Role Confusion  Dr. Shaimaa Abo El Ella 
Converson Disorder in Children and Adolescents  Dr. Taras Reshetukha, Dr. Nasreen Roberts 
Process, not Content or Style: Can we Teach how to Think while Conducting a Psychiatric Interview  Dr. Eric Prost 
Working with Anxiety  Dr. Larry Klassen 
Coaches, Judges & Whistleblowers - Assessing Professionalism
in Medical Education 
Dr. Nishardi Wijeratne