Department of Psychiatry
School of Medicine Queen's University

Supervision Sign-Off

Medical Records has created a pre-typed template for on call supervision of resident assessments.

The procedure will be as follows:

Enter dictation system using 2700 (from inside KGH, 613 549 6666 Ext: 2700 from outside)

Enter ID
Enter Password
Enter Work type 4
Enter CR number

Press 2 and dictate “Mental Health Consult”.  Please also dictate the name of the patient and date of consultation.  After that the staff at Medical records will enter "This note is to confirm my conversation with the resident on call regarding the above patient.  Please see hand written Consult for further details of our conversation."  It will then be routed to our inbox for signing off.  Once the resident assessment has been signed off, it will be eligible for billing (e.g. A195A for assessment).