Department of Psychiatry
School of Medicine Queen's University


Create the foundations for an integrated, inter-professional, and collaborative mental health program for South Eastern Ontario through engaging our staff, faculty, students and key partners in:

  • Delivering high quality services to our patients; develop and disseminate the new knowledge foundations for inter-professional collaborative care
  • Increasing our efforts in recruitment, faculty development and succession planning
  • Clearly defining the organization, roles and responsibilities, and providing equitable compensation
  • Meeting the new standards for undergraduate and postgraduate education programs
  • Identifying the key focus areas for a collaborative research program
  • Leading the development of partnerships and integration with key stakeholders, such as persons with mental disorders, our community partners, and other groups within the university

Department Vision 2014:

Queen's Department of Psychiatry is nationally respected as a model of high quality inter-professional, collaborative mental health care, service, teaching and research:

  • With our partners, we provide outstanding mental health care services for people with mental disorders across the lifespan in South Eastern Ontario
  • We are known by students and educators to provide and exemplary clinical education
  • We are innovative, having a strong, collaborative clinical research program, with areas that earn international acclaim
  • We are a collegial, cohesive place to work and develop a career
  • We are a partner and an advocate for the rights and improved quality of life for people with mental disorders
  • We are valued for our knowledge and leadership by the communities we serve, Queen's, and our service delivery partners

We hope to fully realise these by 2014 by fulfilling the deliverables we established during our recent strategic planning sessions. All members of the administration and the established task forces are responsible to the Department for delivery.