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Current Research and Program Development/Evaluation:

Inpatient Safety

a. Grading Risk of Inpatient Threat (GRIT)

GRIT is an assessment, communication, and risk management system for the imminent (within 24 hours) risk of inpatient violence.  It has been designed for use on the Forensic Services Inpatient Unit at Providence Care, based on current research on imminent risk for violence, practices at other forensic facilities, and current legislative requirements.  GRIT will shortly be pilot tested on Forensic Services; an adapted version of the GRIT system will later be implemented on other inpatient units at Providence Care Mental Health Services.  The GRIT system will be formally evaluated for effectiveness in reduction of inpatient violence.  In addition, data from the project may be combined with data from similar implementations at other forensic sites, as part of a larger scale multi-site research project.

Project Lead/Primary Investigator: Dr. Rebecca Douglas
Collaborators: Kim Knight, RN; Dr. Tariq Hassan

b. Evidence-Based Practice in Forensic Mental Health Task Force - Inpatient Safety Subgroup

The Evidence-Based Practice in Forensic Mental Health Task Force reports to the Ontario Forensic Directors Group and the Provincial Programs Branch, Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.  The task force's mandate is to conduct a review of evidence-based practice in forensic mental health, advise the stakeholders on the development of guidelines, practices, and performance indicators, and to facilitate the development of a performance monitoring system for the Ontario Forensic Mental Health System.  The Inpatient Safety sub-group is responsible for reading, critically evaluating and summarizing the multi-disciplinary literature relating to forensic inpatient safety for the purposes of developing evidence-based practice guidelines.  The subgroup is chaired by Dr. Brian Jones and Coordinated by Laura Ball, with Waypoint Centre for Mental Health.

Providence Care/Queen's University Division of Forensic Psychiatry member of the Inpatient Safety Subgroup: Dr. Rebecca Douglas